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Some of the many companies who have used FDCPA Certifications to train their teams: Ralph E. Lewis II Attorneys At Law · The Dean Legal Group, Ltd. · Sign and Drive Auto Group · North Shore LIJ Health System · CapCall (IOM) Ltd · AIH Receivables · The McHughes Law Firm, PLLC · XCR Solutions LLC · Credit Solutions LLC & Diversified Management · Dynamic Legal Recovery · Mendelson Law Group · Kim Gale · REALTIME RESULTS · Cascade Credit Consulting, Inc. · U.S. 1 Financial LLC. · Resource Management Group · Durham & Durham, LLP · Langsdale Law Firm · Shpondow, LLC · Northwest Collectors · Christopher & Brummett Inc. · Sheena Fernandez · E.J. Hagan Associates · Stone & Hinds PC · Nationwide Recovery Bureau · Senex Law, PC · H & S Financial, Inc. · Curtis | Castillo PC · Mary Jane M. Elliott, P.C. Attorneys at Law · Johnnie B Harrell · Consolidated Management Group · Targosz and Walker Legal Group · Collect2Grow,Inc · Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis · Dorough & Dorough, LLC · Rainmaker Recovery 3 Inc. · Green Tree Field Services · PROCOLLECT · Capgemini · Collection Bureau of America · First California Mortgage Company · Newman, Mathis, Brady & Spedale · Cavanaugh And Associates · Law Office of Melissa A Ferris · Chaplin & Gonet · Granite City Credit Consultants · Accurate Financial Partners · JFH-AC Financial Services, LLC · Xerox State & Local · N/A · Elite Flooring and Remodeling · Capital Recovery Systems, Inc · Arcadia Recovery Bureau, LLC · Duggins Law Firm · Oakwood Financial Affiliates · Robert O. & Associates · VDC · Key 2 Recovery, Inc · Vitti and Vitti and Associates, PC · Independent Consultant · Fontaine Inspections Inc · Keypoint Credit Union · The Satterwhite Law Firm, P.C. · AutoTrakk, LLC · Jason Michael Katz, P.C. · Eltman, Eltman & Cooper, P.C. · Mid-Atlantic Finance · Admin Recovery, LLC · Law Office of Michelle Reynolds · FCAMEC CREDIT UNION · Innovative Debt Recovery, Inc · Metropolitan Account Services · Sarma · Phin Solutions, inc. · Montana Capital · Berkeley-Hughes · MNGH, LLC · Voss & Klein, LLC · Silver Bay Property Corp. · ICHC · Boulevard Motors · AOG Recovery · Comer & Upshaw, LLP · Barry A. 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About The FDCPA Course

Today’s compliance environment demands a comprehensive approach to make sure every consumer interaction is conducted by a trained professional operating under strict guidelines.

After all sections have been successfully completed, there is an 80-question final exam. Once the final exam has been successfully completed, the student is issued a personalized certificate. Want a sense of how the course "feels"? take a look at Section 801/802 below.

FDCPA Section 802

Congressional Findings and Declarations of Purpose

Get your collectors trained and certified, and they'll have more confidence speaking with consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! When you take any of our courses, you are granted access to all materials. That access won’t go away after the course has been completed. You’ll be able to log in and review the materials and your tests, or download your certificate anytime you wish.

Our pricing is listed with the course descriptions at the top of this page. You will be prompted to pay by credit card any time you enroll new students, or we can invoice you (call us to discuss this option). The course is a one-time payment and the daily test questions are billed monthly. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Amex. Payment is expected prior to course access being granted.

Yes, a unique certificate is automatically issued upon the successful completion of the final exam. Both you and your students will be able to view and print their certificates on demand.

Yes! Come and go as you please. Their progress will be retained and they can pick up right where they left off. 

Your coursework remains open to you forever, but earned certificates have a one-year date before expiration. At any time, you can choose to retake the final exam and recertify for a discounted price.

The FDCPA course has 11 modules, each containing several short videos discussing those sections of FDCPA/Reg F and a short quiz, followed by a final exam.

The CCAT course has four sections (Rules & Guidelines, Telephone Calls, Excuses, and Negotiations), each with a video and a quiz, followed by a final exam.

The rest of the courses each have one video, followed by a final exam.

After passing the final exam, a certificate is issued for that course.

You would set up a free admin account first, then purchase as many enrollments as you need from inside your account. It is all very straightforward. If you have more than 3 students to enroll, you will benefit from our volume pricing.

The concept is simple – we help you reach every collector every day with a compliance testing process. They have a daily test question pushed from our FDCPA database (by email or through one of our collection software partner integrations). Each answer is tracked, and you begin building a file from day one of your compliance process that can be shared with clients, prospective clients or regulators.

There is no such thing as a government-recognized collector certification. However, the CFPB and FTC have made it very clear that they expect professional training for the employees of companies communicating with consumers about debt. We serve hundreds of collection agencies, law firms, debt buyers and creditors with that professional level of training at a very low cost.



The FDCPA Certification course is widely recognized as one of the best resources for continuing legal education in the debt collection, creditor, and legal arenas.

Collection Certifications has been approved as an RMAi “Authorized Education Provider” for the course What Every Collector Needs to Understand about FDCPA + Reg F, good for 4 credit hours towards RMAi Certification.

What Every Collector Needs to Understand about FDCPA + Reg F  has been approved by the Texas State Bar for 2 credit hours, including .5 hours of ethics credit. It is course #174204004.

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